http://www.revheadgame.comRevhead is a car racing simulation game. It is about to build and race with your dream car and while all of your racing skills will be required to beat others on a track, you also need to have master mechanical skills to be able to fix maintain or re-build your car.

In this game, every car is built up from almost 100 individual components, connected to each-other the same way as in reality. Each component can be removed, replaced and swapped between other cars. This way, you can not only customize your paint work and outlook, but the handling and performance of the car as well. You can buy or sell cars and components, fix and tweak your car to make it the fastest around.

Build your own dream car and when you are ready, just go to race and beat others to win their cars and the title of Revhead.

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ProRoad for Unity3D

ProRoadProRoad is a road creation tool for Unity, which follows the same principles as professional road being made. These basic concepts together with many rich features makes it not only easy to use but a perfect solution for any car games, where roads are important.

ProRoad also comes with additional tools, such as ObjectPlanter tool, Logger module, Surface map tool, Decal mesh generator to help adding objects or integrate it with your scene in your own game.

The first version of ProRoad is available at: UnityAssetStore

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ProChart plugin for Unity3D

ProChartCreative Pudding proudly presents ProChart plugin for Unity3D. The plugin allows Unity3D developers to create graphs and charts within Unity3D projects. ProChart can render into the Unity3D built-in UI system or directly into 2D/3D meshes.

The first version of ProChart is available at:

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Avatar plugin for Unity3D

AvatarCreative Pudding proudly presents Avatar plugin for Unity3D. The plugin allows Unity3D developers to create humanoid animations without the hassle of dealing with Mecanim or difficult coding. The main goal of Avatar encapsulates different types of knowledge into one simple plugin, allowing Unity3D users to get quick result. You do not have to be an Animator neither a Coder or Modeller, still you can get your character walking like a real human. Avatar uses state of the art Motion Capture technology, supported by professionals.

The last version of Avatar is available at:

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MT-SDK plugin for Unity3D

MT-SDK Creative Pudding have created a plugin that connects Xsens’s MTI sensors to Unity3D. This plugin allows any developer to connect the sensor directly into any unity application. With the help of this plugin developer can read out many information from the sensor such as orientation, acceleration, magnetic field and more. This plugin is not available at Unity Asset Store.
If you are interested please contact us.


ARMirror is an augmented reality Try-On solution, where users can use their mobiles, tablets or desktop computers as an interactive mirror. The user can see him/herself in this mirror and put on several wearable items, such as glasses, hats or jewellery. Connecting this solution with web-shops allows the User virtually trying the product before buying it. Our solution allows full movements and auto calibration, which makes the result very realistic.

Available for iOS, Android, Win and also available as Unity3D integration.

GUIdo - Blue Elegant GUI asset for Unity3D

guido_blueelegantThis plugin brings an elegant blue GUI asset into your application or game. It's designed for Unity3D's Canvas system and it's fully compatible with any Unity5.x versions. It supports all platforms, including mobiles or consoles as well!

The first version of GUIdo - Blue Elegant is available at:

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Elitac plugin for Unity3D

ElitacSDK Elitac Tactile SDK allows Unity3D developers to receive haptic feedback on the body. Install the sdk into your project, get an Elitac Tactile Display and you are ready to go. The sdk allows to set each display individually and map it your own code, events. The last version of the plguin is available at:

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