Do what you love, Love what you do

Many many years ago, before the time of The Great Internet and Gigabytes, I've got a C= 64.

Others started to play with it, but I did not.. instead, I started to write code, then games, then making robots from lego and control them with the computer..

Creative Pudding was created with the purpose of making a legal entity to make ideas real and add some values to this World. The idea of this company goes back to 90's, when ideas started to gathering together and form a vision.

A long journey since the idea, few years ago, I was finally able to create what I was planning and preparing during these years. A few months later, my friend, ex-college, also joined to make Creative Pudding better.

In this ride, we were studying how others work, fall or succeed. We worked with dozens of companies from garage project to AAA titles and in world leading products. We had the opportunities to add our ideas, visions and contribution to these projects. Of course, not all of them was a success. However for us, these "bad times" were the most valuable periods. Being part of great team which falls apart is a painful process, but also an effective way of learning how NOT to do.

Today, we as Creative Pudding are ready for challenges. More then 15 years of professional experience from anti-virus, security, navigation, animation, integration, mobile games to AAA games, working on over hundred of different platforms and products made us believe, that we can add something more to this world.

We use BIO Programming! It's better, it's cleaner, it's more green!

We believe the quality of work depends on the developer daily life! Therefore, we make sure our developers are relaxed, they stay close to nature and they enjoy life why they are working. Seriously, if you don't like what you are doing or how you are doing, please STOP doing it! We've seen enough badly designed products, tools providing painful work-flows or useless data. We learned how much difference it makes to work with a team, where everyone enjoy the day or with someone who just want to finish the day.

Contact details

Creative Pudding is located in Borne, The Netherlands, and in Budapest, Hungary.


Reg.No (kvk): 57986908

Partners in our ride:

Thanks to visit us!

Feel free to get contact with us if you need professional help in Games, Virtual Reality, Serious games.. or you just had a crazy idea which no one believe.. who knows, we might have the missing link for you.

Have Fun!

Attila Odry and Tamas Barsony as Creative Pudding

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