Render into Unity Canvas based UI or any 2D/3D meshes.

Compatible with 2017.x, Unity 5.x and supports mobile platforms. Compatible with Curved UI plugin.

ProChart has been designed to create different type of graphs and charts within a Unity3D project. Easily customizable with properties and delegates with minimal scripting knowledge required!

Supported chart types (2D & 3D):




Would you like to create Pie or doughnut charts? Do you need a scattered chart with customizable lines, curves or selectable points? All these comes within this package!

ProChart designed to make it easy to use, therefore the data and visualization divided into different classes. Each class responsible for it's own function, one for visualization and one for representing the data set. Hence, you can have an interactive multiple chart system with any number of data set. The data set can be manipulated from anywhere in the code without the needs of taking care of the invalidation of visualization. Change the data at once, see it everywhere!

Interactive charts for Unity built in UI:

Mesh rendered 2D/3D charts:

Interactive demo and documentation included! For more information check the online demo or documentation.

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