Full Body Tactile Display for Unity

The Elitac Tactile Display is a wearable hardware solution to receive haptic feedback on the body. This plugin is made for Unity3D and it connects Unity3D game objects with Elitacs hardware. This unity plugin is designed for those who already have the hardware display kit from Elitac. The plugin requires Elitac Tactile Display wearable hardware to connect. If you are interested to buy a system, please visit the Elitac website.




Using the plugin, a unity developer can address the Elitac hardware and map haptic feedback to game objects or events. Unity3D gives a perfect platform for prototyping ideas, therefore it's not only useful for game developers, but for scientific or student projects as well. The easiness of Unity3D and Elitac haptic system come together nicely in this plugin and it allows developers to take advantage of both.

The plugin contains all the code and a simple SDK to connect and receive data from the Elitac communicator (server), which receives and delegates the events to the wearable electronics. Documentation is available, as well as a test application as reference for use of the SDK. The test application can be used to test your hardware setup, or as a reference for your own code.

How does it work?

In Unity, your game uses a simple class to connect and send activation data to the Elitac server via a UDP network. The server is connected to the real hardware and sends data to them directly over wireless (Bluetooth) or wired (USB) connection. In the test application you can see a body test, where a 3D character model is standing and wears a few tactors. When you click on them, or the scan layer touches them, the corresponding tactors will be activated on the real body.

What do I need to use it?

You have to connect the hardware to a computer, then start the Elitac server and connect to the HW. (All tools for this are provided by Elitac in their kits) Once you have a working connection, you can start Unity3D, build the test application and start it on any pc connected to the same network. In the test application you need to type in the Elitac server location (ip and port) and click connect. You can directly trigger/activate each tactor one by one from the application.

What to use it for?

Many applications come to mind, where a real world touch adds a lot of depth to virtual environments. In games to feel hits from bullets, or kicks and hits. Control someone in a dark room with activating the right displays on the body, transfer haptic feedbacks over networks, deliberately induce stress, focus attention or distract, etc.

In science, Unity3D gives a very easy solution to create prototypes, which now allows anyone to connect to a full body haptic system.

Why Creative Pudding?

Creative Pudding is a software and game developer company with experience with VR and connecting live systems to Unity3D, Elitac is a hardware company, the manufacturer of this haptic system. Creative Pudding and Elitac both are interested in VR and game, serious game usability of this system. We both find it better to support the gamers and Unity3D developers where everyone is the best. Elitac provides and supports the hardware, while Creative Pudding provides and supports the software for Unity3D.

For further information, please visit Elitac's website: http://www.elitac.nl/tactile-sdk

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